Food Has Nothing To Do With Weight Management!

Yes! Food is never a problem if you are struggling with your weight. The above statement can be quite drastic for some people but let me put this in perspective. These days there is so much knowledge, research and recipe floating around on social media regarding what to do if you are over weight or…

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Become a Hypnotist! Why would you consider it as a career option? By Arti Tuteja

In this changing world, alternative methods of healing and dealing with emotional and physical issues are a new ancient modern. Increasing awareness of various non evasive methods like Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki, pranic healing, mediation, music and sound therapy, distant healing and so on. The new age has come! We have…

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The facts and effects of Hypnotherapy for Memory Improvement

Did you know, humans have 70,000 thoughts per day on an average? That said, the factors contributing to poor memory are many – stress, depression, anxiety. Almost everyone regardless of age or occupation would like to have an excellent memory. However, the fact is that many people suffer from memory loss. The Centers for Disease…

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Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness can battle Ice addiction?

Hypnotherapists have been helping their clients stop drinking, smoking and using drugs for years with great success. Though many studies have proven the facts of Hypnotherapy, we would like to share another study with our readers. A Melbourne treatment center says mindfulness and hypnotherapy could be the key for thousands of Australians who have tried…

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Disregarding the culture of lollypop kids

Every mother can relate to me on this. Traveling with toddlers or tantrum-prone kids is at times beyond the bounds of possibility. It leaves you restless, frustrated and helpless. However, many times, we tend to escape the situation by giving them, gadgets – mobile, iPad, games – so that we can have our time. Even…

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Hypnotherapy is stronger than Hurricane

I have been practicing Hypnotherapy for more than a half a decade now but it is still full of surprises. Here’s one thing that I realized last week on my trip to America that it makes us far more resilient than the rest and also optimistic. I was in Florida, USA for a training for…

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Unravel the real power of your mind

A famous quote which stands true to this very day is, “Our life is the creation of our mind”. What we think or what we believe, we become. Isn’t that the most interesting thing about the existence of life? If we follow this analogy, whatever we want to achieve, we can achieve easily. But the…

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Hypnotherapy, it starts with your mind

Hypnotherapy helps you broaden your awareness of yourself, realizing your personal strengths, building self-worth, discovering how you think, what you think and why. The one reason, Hypnotherapy can help you deal with weight management, in quitting smoke, handling stress and anxiety, because everything starts in your mind. The mind drives the body, the mind often…

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