Weight Loss Solutions?

Body Weight is probably the most ‘worked upon’ factor in our lives. Treating yourself with a sinful chocolate bar can give you restless nights. Life seems woebegone with stringent diet plans & fitness regimes oozing out every energy molecule of our body. Looking at the ‘before’ & ‘after’ ads with a laugh? Thinking it’s not your cup of tea? Weight loss with hypnotherapy and NLP coaching is just for you.


Are You Stressed?

Stress Management is the need of the hour, with rising worklife pressure. Stress is a natural response to any perceived danger, however when this feeling remains constant, the human body does not know how to stop stress response. It is this stress response that is more damaging than the stressor itself! Learn the art of stress management through hypnotherapy and NLP coaching.


Wish to Quit Smoking?

Cigarette smoking is injurious to health”. Not only is this a statutory warning on cigarette packs and cinema screens, it is an established fact as well. Smoking puts both health and lives at ransom. Still, some adapt it out of boredom whereas many take it as a stress buster or style segment. Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy and NLP coaching.


Win Over Your Fears?

When fears arise out of some faulty perceptions, they bring out irrational responses. Such fears are termed as False Evidence Appearing Real. On the other hand, Phobia is an intense fear of something, in reality posing little or no danger. Most of the fears erupt during childhood. Fears could be either related to an object, animal or event. Treat Fears and Phobias with hypnotherapy and NLP coaching.

Featured Services

Executive Coaching is a relationship between coach and an executive. It is an approach to stimulate introspection within you and help you discover your potential and goals.

Executive Coaching


Putting people at core of the strategy All corporate houses are striving for a roller-coaster growth. People are the only resource that cannot be replicated. When people feel happy, motivated and stress-free.

Corporate Training


Sleep talk™ is a process that helps parents develop their child’s emotional resilience through the power of positive suggestions.

Parenting – Sleep Talk™ Process


Anxiety is ‘obsessive thoughts and relenting worries’ about stressful past incidents and an underlying feeling that it might happen again. It could be everyday problems like money, health and family.

Executive Coaching

#Hypnotherapy is the art of letting out #emotions and #feelings that are troubling you. //t.co/XZUnYM7PTt

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